Types of Turnings
Almost all wood has some sort of imperfection. Its those imperfections which made each piece special and individual.

There are several different types of Artwork being sold & shown here. We will provide examples and explanations of these various pieces so that as you look though the web site at the available Artwork you will know what it is and what it took to make it into the beautiful finished Art we are offering for sale. When they are sold I remove them from the for sale section of the website.

Natural Edge- These pieces are cut from a single block of wood. The natural bark edge is left intact usually on the top edge of the finished piece. The bark edge gives the final product an attractive natural and primitive look.

Segmented- These are pieces that have been glued together, one on top of the other to build up a piece of wood that will form a rough shape. The rough shape is then placed on the wood lathe and final turned into the finished piece of Artwork.

Open Segmented Pieces- These pieces have various shapes and patterns but in each case the finished product looks like it has had many square or rectangular holes cut into it. The open segmented artwork is made up from two or more types of wood that have been glued together in a rough pattern and then turned on the lathe to finish the piece.

Traditional Turnings- These pieces are made from a single block of wood and are cut to showcase the best possible view of the grain and color of the native wood. They are shaped based on the rough log shape and are made into vases, plates, bowls and other objects.

Functional Turnings- These are things that will be used such as Salad Bowls, Fruit Bowls, Nut Dishes, Cheese platters and any other type of piece that will be used to hold food. These items will have an Oil finish that is completely food safe.

This is an example of an Open Segmented piece. Notice that there are several different types of wood glued together and cut into the final shape you see here.
Here's a great example of a Natural Edge piece. Notice that the entire top edge of this piece is the natural bark of the Maple tree it was made from.
This fine example showcases both the functional and traditionally turned pieces. A Maple bowl with an oil finish.
This stunning vase shows what a Segmented piece looks like. Notice the lower portion is Maple and the upper part is American Walnut. It gives the piece a nice contrast.
This beautiful vessel is a great example of a segmented piece that incorporates many different types of wood all blended together to make this stunning piece. This is over 32 inches tall! Imagine the amount of work required to produce something of this caliber!