Available Artwork
The below Artwork is available for your purchase. Please take note of the stock number and include your name, address & phone number in an email to us so that we can confirm its availability and provide a shipping cost for you. Once that is done we will await your payment to us for the agreed upon total amount.  We will accept returns only if contacted & agree to the return. You will be responsible for the shipping costs to return the item/s.

Please do not send any payments until we confirm the piece is available. There may be a time where the piece has been purchased & the website hasn't been updated yet.
We reserve the right to alter pricing at any time.


Just click on the picture to enlarge it and take note of the stock number & price.
Each and every tree has its own individual grain, bark, color and texture. All of the Artwork you see here are one of kind pieces of Art. I do not do production work or offer the Art I produce to exclusive galleries. I do this because I enjoy it so what you see on the website is what I have. When its sold its gone. If you like particular pieces buy them, because they may not be here long. (Galleries typically double the Artists price so you save money dealing direct)
Please be patient the picture Gallery may load slowly