About The Artist

Robert I. Grudberg (Bob)

I am a lifelong woodworker and have enjoyed building and making things from wood my entire life. I was born in New York City in 1939 and raised in Maryland. I currently reside in Littlestown, PA. My early woodworking career was mainly centered on construction and furniture making. My father was a Carpenter and cabinet maker and had a big influence on me when I was younger.

I became interested in woodturning in 1992 and began spending much of my spare time learning the craft.  As a way to further develop my interest and skill in this art form I have attended many classes, demonstrations and seminars on wood turning over the years. I have associations with the Capitol Area Woodturners, Chesapeake Woodturners Association and the Montgomery County Woodturners. I have also participated in several symposiums at the American Association of Woodturners.

After many years of perfecting my woodturning skills and learning new techniques from many highly regarded wood turners I have developed my own style and preferences for the Art work I produce. I have received an award from the Maryland Federation of Art for one of my pieces a few years ago. Now I produce Artwork at my leisure and have no particular schedule I adhere too. I make what I want when I want to for the pure pleasure of doing it.
This bowl is made from American Walnut and has unique cuts in the rim. Some would say its almost gear like with its sharp cuts and round shape.
This Natural Edge bowl recently won the top honors at a local art show sponsored by the 4H. 8/2011
This Open Segmented 8 inch Vase was the Reserve Champion entered in the same competition as the above piece. Its made of Walnut, Holly and Maple.